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  Premier Shell Hosting Services
  Auroralink, the premium Unix shell provider with unsurpassed quality.

    Auroralink boasts a powerful network backbone supporting its impressive FreeBSD servers. 300+ day uptimes with a proven track record for stability and has been in operation since December 1996.

We have hundreds of public vhosts available for all subscribers to use, and more than 80 domains available for subscribers to use in creating their own custom vhosts.

We have a reputation in the community for quality that we work viciously to uphold. We also provide the best uptime in the industry from our global backbones! Shells are in a SSH2 accessible FreeBSD environment with full access to compilers and tools.

If you are tired of downtime on your current shell provider, it may be time to make the switch to a quality shell from Auroralink.

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